Sunday, 31 January 2010

Even more bother about broccoli

I swear that, one day soon, I'm going to be banned from my local branch of Sainsbury's.  I went in again today to pick up some bits and pieces I forgot yesterday and found myself once more in the vicinity of the broccoli.  Proudly displayed above was an enormous sign, designed to look as if the words and pictures had been written on a blackboard with chalk.  "BRITISH BROCCOLI!"  it announced.  "Fresh and in-season!"

Well, it was like a red rag to a bull. I stood there and peered at the "Country of Origin" label on every bin of broccoli under the sign.  Without exception, it had all come from Spain.  I called over a member of staff.  "Where's the British broccoli?"  I asked.  His quick scan of the shelves revealed the awful truth.  There was none.  "Well", he said, "we can't sell any if we haven't got any.....".  "So", I replied, gesturing to the sign, "why is that up then?"  He took the sign down. 

I'm going back in a couple of hours to see if they have put it up again. 

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